Minira Imranbayli

Executive Assistant to CEO
Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, English


Things started to get exciting when Minira graduated from the Bulbul Musical School. Having two tempting options, she chose diplomacy over violin-playing, setting in train a series of important life decisions. Her professional start came when opting to join an event management company, where she became a Travel Specialist within 7 months. But perhaps her greatest and most momentous choice was moving to PASHA Travel, where after four years of work experience, she has been happily fulfilling the role of VIP Travel Consultant. Minira is currently holding the position of Executive Assistant to CEO.

Insider tip

For Minira, Baku is like a living poem, stimulating the mind as one senses the variation in sea breezes, time travelling in the space of a hundred steps. It’s an open book yet a place whose secrets will never be fully unraveled, a place of which one never tires.