Laman Balakishiyeva

Ticketing Agent
Azerbaijani, Russian, English, Turkish


Laman graduated from the University of Languages and started her professional life as translator, working for around 5 years in governmental organizations including the State Committee for Hydrometeorology and a construction trust of SOCAR, the national oil company. Her long-held passion for travel was encouraged by a period of employment with the Ministry of Tourism’s National Culinary Center and ever since she has worked for travel companies in outgoing, incoming and ticketing roles. That’s more than a decade now.

My insider tip

The Guba District is full of rural delights and, for Laman, the greatest of these is the Afurja Waterfall. One of Azerbaijan’s longest cascades, it falls dramatically from a wide arc of cliff above a timeless village that’s accessed through the narrow Tengealti Gorge. A country lane leads on from here towards some of the country’s remotest mountain hamlets.