Isgandar Aliyev

Guest Experience Agent
Azerbaijani, English, Arabic, Turkish ,Persian, Russian


Professional tour guide Isgandar is the Guest Experience Agent at Pasha Travel’s JW Marriott office. His very colourful life experience has included work in San Diego (USA) as a tour guide, radio presenter and freelance Lawyer. He loves working with tourists for the delight of witnessing and facilitating happiness and surprise – especially in their discoveries of Azerbaijan.

My insider Tip

You don’t need to go to Jerusalem or Istanbul to experience a great religious diversity – it’s right here in Baku. This is an ancient city, where throughout history people have been able to preserve and practice their faiths, often despite strong political pressure. Of course, you’ll find great examples of Islamic mosques, but there are also many beautiful Christian churches and, most surprisingly, two different Jewish synagogues that were built during severe periods of Soviet atheism. Fascinating legends surround each temple raising a great series of questions and insights.