Incentives and Events add-ons

Whether you are based here already, or want to come specially to harness Azerbaijan’s superb range of MICE possibilities, PASHA Travel’s expert team can make everything work smoothly.
Whether as a reward for goals achieved or as an add-on to a conference, PASHA Travel has a whole range of activity ideas that can create a spark of fun or add a memorable finale to a corporate event.
Baku the venue of several mega-events, notably Formula 1 Grand Prix, European Games and Eurovision Song Contest, and we have strength in depth in making sporting and cultural arrangements. We love speed so horseback-riding, go-carting, mountain jeep-safaris and even Soviet-retro car-racing are all possibilities. Our professional team is always on the look-out for something extraordinary that might appeal.

Why Team Building?

Team building exercises and adventures, especially those outside the normal working environment, can assist immensely in transforming a group of colourful personalities into a more cohesive team. Just as the pieces of a mosaic come together to form one harmonious picture, challenging situations can help your staff to find new ways to work better with each other in while attainting their full potential as a unit.
Our team building ideas are designed to promote self-development and improve communication, team work, leadership skills and problem solving - as well as providing a sense of fun that staff, delegates and clients can enjoy.

Sample Teambuilding Ideas:

  • Old City treasure hunt
  • Caviar tasting
  • Çövkan - experience Azerbaijan’s sporting predecessor to polo 
  • Painting with or bathing in crude oil 
  • Sunset Champagne cruise on the world’s biggest lake 
  • Off-road driving
  • Trekking amid the bolder, petroglyphs and plateau lands of Gobustan, (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) 
  • Silk painting
  • Carpet weaving demonstrations
  • Golf
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