Ulviyya Safarova

Senior Project Specialist
English, Russian, Azerbaijani


After graduating in political science, Ulviyya’s early career took her through a varied range of roles including interviewer, finance representative and office manager with experience in visa & travel management, procurement and ISO quality assurance. From 2007 she fulfilled accounting and reporting manager roles in a project aimed at improving the English Language Skills of BP employees. Then from 2015 she became sales & marketing manager at Delta Lufthansa City Centre, developing their corporate client relationship. She recently joined PASHA Travel’s Incoming & MICE Department as a senior agent.

My Insider Tip

Tucked into a mountain hollow at 1300m, the ethnically Lezghin village of Laza has one of the most spectacular setting in all of Azerbaijan, encircled by soaring rocky crags. Cascading off cliff edges are long ribbons of waterfall that freeze in winter creating amazing opportunities for ice climbing.